No Obligation Quote/Sample Form


Completing this form allows you to provide rough sketches, ideas and show us what you want. You do not have to submit any artwork to complete this form as we can create the design ourselves for you. Your ideas are turned into a design by a graphic artist. An ordering page link will be sent via email with a sample of how the final design looks on a shirt with pricing. You can complete the order in a few clicks. There is no obligation or cost. We reserve the right to not take on your project or refer you to another printing company on our referral list who may be able to do the job. Please allow from 1-5 days for a sample. Graphic files, prototype ideas, etc. cannot be attached to this form. They will not be received and are prevented by security blocks at all email address other than the listed email address below:

email address to send graphic files to:

You can also send any printed matter that HAS NO VALUE AND DOES NOT NEED TO BE RETURNED to:

Get In Print LLC 14625 Baltimore Ave. #281 Laurel MD 20707

1.) Your email address?

2.) Your graphic file name if you will be sending a file via email?
(you cannot submit any files with this form) Send separately

3.) Description: ( Brand, Style#, short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, golf shirts, etc.?)  

There are several hundred blank shirts to choose from at: &
We also make apparel (shirts, dresses, vests, etc. ) ourselves from un-sewn fabric and can make a one of a kind shirt, etc. for your project.

4.) Enter Qty of ea. Sizes:  If you do not want to do this indicate total qty only:

Total Qty:

Youth Small    Youth Medium Youth Large    Adult Small   
Adult Medium
   Adult Large    Adult XLarge      Adult 2X     
Adult 3X
   Adult 4X     Adult 5X Adult 6X      Adult 7X   
Adult 8X     Adult 9X Adult 10X     


5.) Color of items (Shirt Color) White is cheapest?

6.) Number Of Ink color, colors or full color desired for print (1 Color Printing is Cheapest)?

7.) Does print contain an actual photograph?

8.) How many sides will be printed (front only =1, font & back=2,
front back & sleeve =3?

9.) Position & Size of Prints?

10.) Deadline?

11.) Do you have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer or are you willing to install it (4min. download) in order to use an on-line ordering system?

12.) If you would like design help. Please indicate what you would like created for you. Please include any ideas or requirements you have and the intended use for the shirts. 

14.) What is your budget (how much you are willing to spend) on the project? 




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